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XXII Winter Olympic Games controversies 

The major disputes are with Circassians, who demand the events to be cancelled or moved unless Russia apologizes for the 19th century deaths that the Circassians regard to be a genocide environmental and economic issues, lack of political stability  and human rights of LGBT athletes and journalists, in light of Russia’s anti-gay laws, which have sparked protest.

The snowflake that didn’t turned into ring

The failure did not come to be seen on the screen because Russian television was able to replace the image with a trial.

On Friday 7 February, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics took place at the Olympic stadium Fisht . Everything was going smoothly, until the time came that the images of five snowflakes would become the five Olympic rings. A technical malfunction caused the fifth snowflake stay stagnant and not become hoop. 

The failure did not come to be seen on the screen because Russian television was able to replace the image with a trial.

Yogurt, a diplomatic impasse.

The Russian government apparently blocked the distribution of 5,000 containers of Chobani yogurt brand, which had been sent to the U.S. Olympic team.

The shipment of yogurt has been stored for more than a week in a warehouse in Newark Liberty International Airport. 

Chobani is the official yogurt for the U.S. Olympic team.

The first Olympic woman jumper in history.

For the first time in 90 years, women were able to participate in ski jumping competition. Since the first Winter Olympics in 1924, the International Olympic Committee refused to allow the participation of women in this competition. 

But in Sochi, 2014, things changed. On Tuesday, the U.S. skier Sarah Hendrickson, 19, was the first woman in history to compete in the discipline.

The athlete who went through a door

On Saturday, stucked in the bathroom because of a malfunction of the door, the athlete Johnny Quinn of 1.87 meters and 100 kilograms found no better way than through it with his bare hands. 

A peculiar men’s restroom

Special mention deserves the men’s bathroom with two toilets in one cubicle at one of the facilities. 

The photo has been the subject of jokes and snide remarks. It was also used by the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, for criticizing the government of President Vladimir Putin.

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